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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the AISS Learn to Swim program the best choice for having my children taught to swim?

AISS has developed a Learning Program that utilises the best methods developed over more than 30 years of experience in teaching swimming and water safety. These methods, in combination with the best available qualified staff will ensure that the learning experience is far better than that offered previously in the UAE.

What are the class sizes for AISS Lessons?

AISS class sizes vary depending on the skill level of the students, and are kept small to enable more effective teaching. Learn to Swim groups range from 4 - 5 Students per class.
Stroke Development and Stroke Correction range from 6 – 12 Learners.
Mother and child classes are usually only 6 – 10 per class. Larger Groups will have more than one instructor.
Adult Classes will be offered in Groups of 2 – 3 or may be offered individually on request.
(Private Classes can be booked if space and instructors are available)

Why are AISS Instructors so effective?

AISS uses the processes and methodology of teaching swimming and water safety that have been developed by AUSTSWIM over the past 30 years, and the experience gained through training and registration of over 180,000 swim instructors. AISS employ the best instructors here in the UAE and have a stringent selection process which provides ongoing training and professional development for all staff. We also teach the swimmers without any attached flotation devices ensuring the best possible results in the fastest time.

Why doesn’t AISS use attached flotation devices?

Based on many years of experience, AISS believe that the use of flotation devices delays the learning process and may impart a false sense of security in the water which is not related to the true swimming ability. AISS want the children and adults they teach to be able to swim in every situation they may find themselves in and would rather teach the learner the critical life saving skills using “mobility” as the key incentive to promote faster learning.

Why then do other swim schools or swimming teachers attach various flotation devices such as arm floats or bands, back floats or other devices to the children in their classes?

Other school or swimming teachers may not have the necessary teaching skills to be able to teach the children un-aided. This is also often due to large class numbers and also that they may be using out-of-date teaching methods that keep the learner in classes for many weeks or months longer than may be necessary. This is often a commercial decision rather than a decision to progress the learners quickly so that they learn to swim as soon as possible. Our key objective is to get the learner swimming as soon as possible.

What teaching methods or instructional systems do AISS use to get the best possible results?

AISS use teachers trained by AUSTSWIM as our preferred teachers and ensure that any other teachers used are participating in training to become fully qualified AUSTSWIM Teachers of Swimming and Water Safety. AUSTSWIM Teachers are taught to teach from in the water allowing them to assist children directly and to ensure that the most appropriate skills are taught efficiently and effectively. AUSTSWIM Teachers and all AISS Teachers are taught teaching methods which ensure that all relevant Child Protection legislation is adhered to and to make the lessons as comfortable as possible for the learners.

Why does AISS use exclusively AUSTSWIM Teachers and what are the benefits?

AISS is an AUSTSWIM approved and registered Swimming Program. AUSTSWIM training has been developed and used successfully in Australia over the past 30 years and is now recognised as the world leader in teaching of swimming and water safety. AUSTSWIM is now the swimming education system of choice in an increasing number of countries around the world. AUSTSWIM Teachers are trained to instruct from within the water or from an appropriate location ensuring the best learning methods and supervision of classes.

So does this mean that AISS Swimming Teachers and Coaches are in the water at all times?

Yes usually they are as AISS Teachers use the methods that are most appropriate for the level of development and the skills of the learner. This ensures that the learner is provided with the best opportunity to learn the appropriate swimming or water safety skills. When Student have master most skills they will be progressed to Squad Groups where the Teacher or Coach is more effective from viewing skills from outside the water.

Can Parents watch the Swimming Classes or Squads at AISS?

AISS encourage the parents to watch the lessons and to advise the Instructor or Supervisor if they ever feel uncomfortable by the teaching methods used by our qualified and trained teachers or coaches. We however do ask that the parents allow the Teacher to control the class - as they are responsible for the safety of the students.

How do I get a job as an AISS Swimming Teacher?

AISS require all potential teachers to attend an AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety Course which is conducted each 3 - 4 months in Dubai and or Abu Dhabi. AISS are always looking for enthusiastic, highly motivated and reliable teachers and offer flexible work opportunities that suit all, including parents, students or teachers.

How long does it take to become a AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety?

The AUSTSWIM Swimming Teacher Education Course is conducted over two days or can also be conducted over several evenings which includes both theory sessions and some practical sessions in the pool. The participants then complete an online examination and approximately 20 hrs of Practical Assessment. The course price includes the course and all resources and the assessment. Course Information and Enrolment information is available on