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Unique Features of AISS and AISS Programs

AISS is a fully licensed Dubai based company and carries comprehensive insurance covering all professional indemnity and public liability cover for the programs and services provided in the UAE and Qatar.

AISS has access to world- leading instructional programs in Learn to Swim, Aquatic Education and Coaching.

AISS has refined the programs offered through the operation of swim schools and aquatic facilities in Australia, and has developed many unique systems and initiatives specifically for introduction in the UAE. These include programs designed to meet local requirements and the needs of the local community.

AISS has negotiated the International rights for AUSTSWIM Training for Teachers of Swimming and Water Safety, and will be establishing the AUSTSWIM International Office in Dubai. AUSTSWIM has in excess of 600 AUSTSWIM Registered Swim Schools in Australia. It has commenced this initiative internationally and the UAE is part of this important expansion. AISS offers regular AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety Courses for training swimming teachers in the UAE, Qatar and Oman.. AUSTSWIM currently trains close to 10,000 teachers annually in Australia and in 5 other Nations and to date has trained in excess of 180,000 teachers. AUSTSWIM courses will also be offered to existing school teachers and also can be offered to senior secondary students as vocational studies.

AUSTSWIM Courses include AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety, AUSTSWIM Teaching People with Disabilities, AUSTSWIM Teaching Adults, AUSTSWIM Teaching Infants and a further course for those interested in coaching this is known as AUSTSWIM Towards Competitive Swimming.